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February 4, 2018

100 mountains in 2018

After some inspirational summits in January, I've decided to recommit to the 2016's unfinished project of summiting 100 unique peaks in a year. It's just so much fun to get out and explore and it drives me to go places I normally wouldn't. Same rules as 2016: they can be mountains I've climbed...

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January 2, 2018

Vasque team!

I'm thrilled to share that I'll be a part of the Vasque team for 2018! I've already run a few hundred miles in [Vasque shoes]( and can say that the comfort and durability is off the charts. Here's to more miles and more fun in 2018! @VasqueFootwear #vasquefootware #trustont...

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September 8, 2017

Nolan's 14

### The Backstory *Nolan's 14 is a line that connects 14 of the 14,000ft peaks in the Sawatch Range of Colorado. More history and background info can be found on Matt Mahoney's website:* Last year I made an attempt to complete the Nolan's 14 line with my good...

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January 26, 2016

100 Mountains in 2016

My friends inspire me. Their goals and acheivements stretch my perception of what is possible. Accomplishments that I would not have thought possible are checked off lists. It's inspired me to stretch myself. So among a few other goals for 2016, I'm striving to summit 100 different peaks this ...

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October 20, 2015

Kroger's Canteen

Still dreaming of [Hardrock]( Maybe the lottery will gods will shine upon me this year. <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9"> <iframe class="embed-responsive-item" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe...

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June 24, 2015

Mt. Sniktau

A short hike from Loveland Pass can take you to the summit of Mt. Sniktau (el 13,234ft). Breathtaking views and overly friendly marmots greet you along the way. ![The starting point at Loveland Pass](/images/0625150611_HDR.jpg) *The starting point at Loveland Pass* ![Watch out for long ran...

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June 13, 2015

Chief Mountain

![Standing at the summit of Chief Mountain](/images/0614150837a_HDR~2.jpg) A short two mile trail and 1,000ft of vertical takes you to the top of Chief Mountain el 11,709ft. It's a great little summit with views from Pikes Peak all the way to Longs Peak. ![trail sign](/images/0614150811_HDR.j...

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June 12, 2015

Abyss Trail (lower half) - Mt. Evans Wilderness

![Abyss Trail](/images/0613150834_HDR.jpg) The lower half of the Abyss Trail is a wonderful gentle climb mostly along the Scott Gomer Creek. Like many trails the higher you go the better it gets and after a couple stream crossings opens up into beautiful meadows with gorgeous views. The first st...

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June 9, 2015

Flying J Ranch Park

Flying J Ranch Park is a great little spot for a mellow 3-5 mile run. The trails are mostly smooth and buffed out, but they wind nicely through meadows and in and out of forested sections. ![Park Entrance](/images/0610150921.jpg) *Park Entrance* ![Buffed out goodness](/images/

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June 8, 2015

Staunton State Park - Lions Head

This morning was my first time out in Staunton State Park and I was shocked at how gorgeous this place is. For a nice as it is it certainly seems to fly under the radar. I didn't have a ton of time so I shot right up Lions Head the shortest way possible which still made for a 10.5 mile run wit...

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